Discount Coupons

One great thing about traveling is that you learn from fellow travelers how to save money while actually traveling. Not only for yourself, but also for others. So this post is actually for YOU, fellow travelers and globetrotters. Be it only for a short trip or your next bigger adventure, you can start saving money right now by clicking on the links below. Disclaimer: Clicking on those links is completely free for you. Not only this, but you will also be able to redeem a discount or get things free. If you do so, this will save or earn me money that I can spend on my next trip that I will tell you all about – so it’s a win-win here! – save 10% off your next booking: By clicking and booking through THIS LINK, you will recieve 10% off your next booking. How does it work? You will first pay the full amount, but you will get the discount reimbursed to your credit card after your stay. This ususally takes a couple of days but works reliably. I will earn CHF 20.- for every booking you make through this link.

Airbnb – new customers: If you register using THIS LINK, you will receive
40 CHF for first booking on airbnb over CHF 75. If you do this, I will earn CHF 30.

Transferwise: I use transferwise to top-up my Revolut credit card for free. Transferwise is also the cheapest and most reliable service to transfer money internationally. Use THIS LINK and your first international money transfer will be free. I will need three people registering so I earn 50 GBP.

Uber – first ride for free for new customers: By registering for Uber using THIS LINK, you’ll automatically get your first Uber ride for free. I will get a free ride as well, which makes us all happy Uber customers.